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(revised January 23, 2012)



We, the Certified Animal Control Officers of the State of New Jersey strive; to protect and preserve the well being of those animals, both domestic and wild, which are under our jurisdiction, to enforce without prejudice and equity local and state statutes pertinent to all animals, their control, their keeping, to control compatible and contagious viral, bacterial, parasitic, fungal, or zoonosis diseases, to inform and educate citizenry, legislative and administration personnel of the significance and diversities of the Animal Control Officer, to promote and encourage the opportunities for the educational standards and requirements which the performance of our profession may be measured, to establish an assembly of mutual concern to express opinion, philosophy and professional development, to participate in the active development, and resolutions on the state level of Animal Control and Animal Welfare issues.



Section I A. Regular Members – All N.J. State Certified Animal Control Officers presently employed by a municipality for a period of not less than one year as an Animal Control Officer. Each member will receive all newsletters, be entitled to benefits, participate in all functions, committees and meetings pertaining to the Association, and will be entitled to one vote on matters pertaining to the Association and election of Officers. Members will be entitled to wearing of Association Apparel.

Associate Members – Any Animal Control Officer in the State of New Jersey who has obtained a New Jersey State A.C.O. Certification number. Each associate member will be entitled to participate in all functions, committees and meetings. Associate members will not be entitled to vote.

Life Members – May be admitted to the Association by majority vote of the Executive Board, if necessary the Executive board Advisor will be the deciding vote. Life members will be entitled to serve on the board and have all privileges of regular membership.



Section I – This Association will have a fiscal year running from January first through December thirty-first.

Section II – Dues for Regular Members will be $50.00 per year.

Section III – Dues for Associate Members will be $25.00 per year.

Section IV – Members in good standing. Members who have paid their dues for the fiscal year. Any member who in good faith does perform their duties in a manner becoming of a Certified Animal Control Officer. A member, who has never been convicted of animal cruelty or has been terminated from their job, due to animal cruelty, will be in good standing with The Association.



Section I – The office of this Association, know as the Board of Directors, shall be nominated and elected by the Regular Membership at the election meeting. Elected officers shall take office on January first of the proceeding year.

Section II – Officers – The Officers of this Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be eligible to hold office without restriction to the number of terms served. The President must have served on the Board of Directors or any office for the minimum of one term before he/she may be nominated for this office. Anyone running for the Board of Directors must be a member in good standing, and have been a good member for at least one year prior to the date of elections.

Section III – Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Regional Directors. The Regional Directors shall be able to serve without restriction to the number of terms served. The Regional Directors will be elected at the election meeting by Regular Members in good standing of their own region.

Section IV – Quorum – For the purpose of transacting official business a quorum of the Board of Directors shall consist of not less than four (4) members except if there is a vacancy of one or more positions of the Executive Board, a quorum shall consist of at least 50% of the remaining members of the Executive Board.

Section V – Removal from Office – Whenever an Officer or Director is unable or unwilling to perform the duties described in this constitution or the bylaws, the remaining Board of Directors may remove that Officer or Director from office by a two thirds (2/3) vote.

Section VI – Vacancies – Whenever a vacancy in any office shall occur, including the Board of Directors, the President shall appoint an acting official who shall be subject to approval by the majority of the Board of Directors.

Section VII – Nominating Committee – The Executive Board shall serve as the nominating committee.

Elections shall take place November – December in which the Officers term expires. Nominations may be taken from the floor and Officers take office January first following the election.



Section I – The President shall be chairman of the Board of Directors and shall be the presiding officer of the Association. He shall see that all provisions of the constitution and bylaws are enforced. That all resolutions and orders adopted by the Association at its meetings are promptly executed and he shall have a general supervisory control of the affairs of the Association.

Section II – Vice President – The Vice President shall assume all duties of the President in case of death, absence, or inability to act.

Section III – Secretary – The Secretary shall record all minutes of all meetings and shall attend to all necessary correspondence of the Association. Shall notify each member in writing at least thirty days prior to each meeting.

Section IV – Treasurer – The Treasurer shall receive and take charge of and account for all monies and properties of every nature belonging to the Association and shall promptly deposit all monies of the Association in a bank approved by the Board. The Treasurer shall give an annual report in accounting at the annual meeting of the Association or at such other times that may be directed by the President or the Board of Directors.

Section V – Advisor to the Executive Board – Responsibilities shall include working cooperatively with the Executive Board on all matters pertaining to the administration of the NJCACOA, public relations and the association website. He shall report directly to the President.

Section VI – Executive Board – The Executive Board shall be the governing body of this Association, subject to approval from membership, and shall exercise the powers and duties usually exercised by a Board of Directors including, but not limited to the following: Determination of matters of policy and finances of the Association when the annual meeting is not in session. Instruct and direct the various committees of the Association upon matters of policy and position for the Association. To take upon proposed or pending internal legislation when such matters have been referred to the Board of Directors by any member of the Association.

Section VII – Meeting of the Board - The current and new Board shall meet in January following the general election meeting. The current Executive Board shall meet January following the annual state meeting for reorganizing association calendar for the coming year. All matters discussed during Executive Board meetings are confidential.

Section VIII – Special Meeting Place of the Executive Board – The Executive Board shall meet at such other times as called by the President or upon written request of three (3) members of the Board upon thirty days written notification.



Section 1 – Annual Meeting – There shall be an annual meeting of the Association each year. Notice of the time and location of such meeting shall be given to each member at least thirty days prior to such meeting. The members of the Association by resolution may request the Board of Directors to designate any place and time for such meetings.

Section II – Regional Meetings – Each Regional Director shall hold no less than three meetings in a calendar year. Regional members are to be notified in writing thirty days prior to such meeting, with place and time designated.



Section I – Rules of Conduct – The rules of order as contained in the Roberts Rules of Order shall govern this Association except when inconsistent with the constitution of the Association.

Section II – Right to Vote – Regular and Lifetime members of this Association, in good standing are eligible to vote at the annual election meeting or upon other issues that may be brought before the Association.

Section III – Quorum – This Association shall conduct business at the annual meeting with out regard to the number of members present.

Section IV – Order of Business – The following agenda shall be followed at the annual meeting:

  • Roll call of Officers
  • Reading of minutes of previous meeting
  • Report of Treasurer
  • Report of President
  • Committee Reports
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Election of Officers and Members of Board of Directors
  • Adjournments
Section V – Member Expulsion - Any member of this Association may be expelled for flagrant violation of the objectives of this association or personal conduct which would bring discredit to the organization, profession or to a specific member. Any member accused of such action shall be investigated by the Executive Board. That individual will be entitled to a fair and impartial hearing at the accuser’s request. Should the Executive Board concur in the move to expel, the majority vote of the active members present at the hearing shall constitute expulsion.

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